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The Princess and her loyal servants are on their way to a meeting with her betrothed, when they are rudely interrupted by what seems to be assassins.

They must find a way to escape, and make their way home, while a war brews on the horizon.

ATTENTION! There's a buggy image at the very start of the game, please look in the installation instructions for an easy way to bypass/fix it.


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Fun game but unfortunately I couldn't finish it as at the boss battle when more enemies appear mid-fight it freezes - the animations like walking on the spot still occurs but other than that it freezes. 

Other issues:

- Music sometimes doesn't restart if you load a save - not sure exactly why but I've noticed if you load the game and don't wait for the music on menu screen this occurs (could be something else though)

- Couldn't for the life of me get into the secret paths inside the caves (maybe I didn't find the right wall, but I just couldn't) 

Would like to see:

- Stats like poisoned more easily next to name - otherwise have to go into another tab just to make sure who is poisoned.

- make it easier to use items - you have to keep going back to see who needs what and it gets a little frustrating. 

Oh that's a bad. I guess that's what I get for not practising more with making battles.

Sorry for the gamebreaking bug. If it makes you feel better that boss is the last battle, and then the story kinda ends on a cliffhanger. So you didn't miss much. 1 more small map and a text only cutscene basically. (though maybe that makes it worse? that you came so close to the end? i dunno)

I'll have to check what I could have done wrong with the music, I didn't notice that while I was playtesting, but then I was doing that in kind of a rush focusing on makeing sure the cutscenes started and ended as they should. And I hadn't accidentally covered up entrances to important story areas. Like the camping area.

I think I could have accidetally covered up a bunch(all?) of the secret passages in the caves while I was trying to fix a bunch of walls that weren't ment to be walked behind or on with yanflys region restrictions.... Yeah that's definitely what happened. Because I couldn't remember where they actually were... I'm so sorry about that.  Unlike the forest areas i didn't lay out the secret passages with regions first, which was a bit dumb of me.

Yeah the whole menu system is kind of a bit bad for a game with more than one party member in hindsight... No matter how pretty it looks lol.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to play my game, and I'm glad you thought it was fun! (even with all the issues...) 

I hope you have a great day!